Rathcroghan Visitor Centre at Cruachan Ai

Rathcroghan Visitor Centre at Cruachan Ai, Tulsk

Rathcroghan,(Cruachan Aí) County Roscommon is the ancient royal capital of Connacht, and is under serial nomination for inscription onto the UNESCO World Heritage Status.

Rathcroghan Visitor Centre,located in the Medieval Villageof Tulsk, is the interpretive facility for the archaeological complex of monuments known as Rathcroghan, a collection of over 240 archaeological sites contained in a 6km² region. The earliest of these monuments is dated to the Neolithic Period, meaning that people have been interacting with Rathcroghan for approximately 6,000 years.

Rathcroghan also has a unique story to tell as a key location in much of Ireland’s mythology. It is the location for the beginning and end of Ireland’s national epic, the Táin Bó Cuailnge (the Cattle Raid of Cooley). It is the home of the Warrior Queen Medbh, the Goddessof War, the Morrígan, as well as being the origin for the festival of Samhain,our Halloween.

So come and visit our NEW interpretive rooms, where you can see how the Iron Age and Medieval Irish dressed, what they ate, where they lived, and what they believed in. Afterwards, let one of ourguides take you on a tour of the unique monuments that make up the Rathcroghancomplex, from the mysterious ritual centre of Rathcroghan Mound, to the in famous Oweynagat, (Uaimh na gCat – the Cave of the Cats) entrance to the Irish Other world.

Finish your visit with a meal or snackmade with locally-sourced ingredients in our Rathcroghan Café, and pick up amemento or reading material in our craft and bookshop. A unique experience inancient Mag nAí, with something for all the family!

Just 45 minutes fromKnock Airport and located centrally on the N5 only 2 hours from Dublin, it is a unique step back into Ireland’s past!


  • ·        NEW Interpretive Rooms with something for all the family

    ·        ProfessionalGuided Tours with a qualified historian/archaeologist

    ·        Conferenceand meeting rooms

    ·        Rathcroghan Café supplies a wide and varied breakfast & Lunch  menu

    ·        Craftand Gift shop

    ·        Wheelchair Access and facilities

    ·        Groups & School Tour rates


RathcroghanVisitor Centre

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