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There's no lamb in Ireland like Roscommon lamb. But there's a lot more than lamb on the menu. Dock your boat for a sizzling sirloin steak in Lecarrow, halibut gratin at Hodson Bay or a creamy seafood chowder in Tarmonbarry. Grab a slap-up breakfast at a local B&B, a friendly meal at a family-run café, or a quick blast of pub grub!


Eating Out

 This is food to put a smile on your face.  No matter what your taste or budget, eating out is on everyone’s menu in Roscommon. Think of fine dining in a luxury castle hotel, dock your boat for a sizzling sirloin steak or a creamy seafood chowder on the Shannon, a friendly meal at a family-run café, or a quick blast of pub grub. Just bring an appetite. We’ll do the rest.

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Farmers Markets          

As befits acounty famous for its farmers, Roscommon boasts several thriving farmers’markets. Browsing stalls overflowing with artisan breads,organic beef, free-range lamb and organic fruit and vegetables makes amouth-watering start to any weekend…

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Local Producers

Sweet-tasting lamb, rare-breed pork and organic beef. Homemade breads, cheeses and buns. Organic fruit, vegetables and herbs. Craft butchers, farm shops and busy beekeepers. With producers like this, it’s little wonder Roscommon has burst onto the foodie radar…

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Roscommon Lamb

There’s no lamb in Ireland like Roscommon lamb. 
Roaming free in the fields, eating lush grass growing on limestone rich soil, cared for with the true passion of farmers who understand their craft and their customers -

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Supper Club

It's not a restaurant, café, or guesthouse….. Just two chefs taking a break from their day job to create exciting menus with the best ingredients Roscommon has to offer.

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This project received grant aid from Roscommon LEADER Partnership Rural Development Programme which is financed by the Irish Government under the Rural Development Programme Ireland 2007-2013 and by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development:Europe investing in Rural Areas.